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Say goodbye to the one size fits all approach with your “fitness plan”.

We combine hyper personalisation, a data-driven approach and unmatched coaching support to help you achieve a remarkable transformation.
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Hyper Personalising The Way People Get Results
Making you become healthier, stronger, confident, and more informed about how your body works... isn’t just what we do.

We deliver it through an unparalleled coaching experience. Helping you achieve your results in the most optimal way — that’s specific to you.
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8 WEEKs upfront
Billed Every 8 Weeks of $569.24
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16 WEEKs upfront
Billed Every 16 Weeks of $1078.56
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Save $104
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Cancel any of our plans anytime after a minimum coaching term of 8 weeks.
Our Coaching Includes
Personalised Macronutrient and Calorie Targets
Weekly Accountability — Receive an in-depth video response from your coach
Individualised Training Program and Progression Instructions.
Join our Private Community — With frequently added meal ideas, helpful tips and like-minded members
Nutrition and Meal Planning Guidance
Unlimited Access to 1-on-1 Coaching Calls when you need extra support.
Weekly Exercise Form and Technique Assessment.
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What Others Say About Our Coaching
Rizvi Mridha
"Panda coaching taught me about nutrition - the truth about nutrition, and how I needed to understand what I eat. This is something I will keep with me for life."
Jacob Erwin
"I am saying with as much enthusiasm as I can on paper that I’ll be a long-term Panda client..."
Odelia Tham
"I’ve never had a coach who genuinely cares to such an extent and puts so much time and effort to make sure you get where you wanna be."
Ceegee Enoch
"Panda coaching is the best, the coaches dedicate their time to helping you, teaching you and relating with you on a personal level."
Casey Srejic
"I wake up excited every single day to go to the gym and eat delicious foods that sustain me in my structured deficit required for my journey..."
Lochie Bland
"The coaches at Panda feel more like friends than coaches but will always push you in the right direction."
Tara Haworth
"Throughout my whole journey I have been supported, listened to, pushed to new limits and taught so much along the way."
Anica Hesse
"Panda Coaching has given me knowledge and confidence to be healthy, enjoy food and training and being able to look at myself with pride and confidence!"
“Team Panda continues to help me grow, learn and love my body in ways I didn’t think I ever could.”
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